Young’s first blog: In His grip, while reaching out.

It is often easy to see Gods Will… just look for the things that cause the worst arguments… do you ever argue on your way to church?  This blog was the source of a bit of gnashing of teeth – I pray God will use it in a mighty way to reach out to the world, while God holds my family and I tight in His grip.

Father, Sensei (Sifu), Chaplain???

These are three categories I feel led to.

As a father of two, (a husband) and with many years of teaching children/teens in various capacities – I pray my insights will touch a heart and that the wisdom of my daughters will inspire: youngest daughter, “Dad, if Jesus jumps out of my heart… I will chase him down and put him back in.”

As Martial Arts instructor (Sensei), I feel the concepts of physical battle apply to all areas of life.  Even for the atheist – I have seen that the martial arts is a spiritual journey.  “To conquer a thousand men is good; to conquer yourself is very good.”

As Chaplain, I have found that meeting people where they are and filling true needs, is all that is required for them to seek the truth behind your love.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with me. I love to answer questions and I appreciate being held accountable.  What do you think?   …and more importantly: Why?

In His Grip, While Reaching Out,


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