All Hallows Eve: Princess and a ninja 10-31-11

We had a good time at Moosehaven (along with about 3000 other children… no, literally)  I like that my girls have the opportunity to step into the world of the elderly.  The residents lit up particularly when the small children approached.  Afterwards, we had opportunity to spend time with long time friends at DQ and got our free icecream for our littlest P-nut!

It wasnt the same as the Trunk-r-treat at the daycare – that was much more like a very small town fair.  Much more personal.

Theologically: Halloween-why do my kids participate in this non-Christian event… well, first, they dont dress as demons, goblins, etc – they dress in “fun” outfits. (its easy for the littlest – she always wants to be a princess).  And, I feel that as long as they understand the meaning behind what they are participating in – and that we don’t agree with the history of the reasoning, but enjoy the silliness/fun of the present “mindset” of what it all means (current definition: dress up, have fun, get candy).  Plus, I draw a lot more people to Christ by being with them (though maybe not dressed the same) – that is, in the world, but not of it.

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