My Church makes me sin…

I was talking with a friend of mine tonight, he is a Master in the art of Click-Pow. We were discussing a fundamental problem “men” have: My church makes me sin… What I mean is that as “men,” we feel we are self-reliant, don’t you dare tell me, I can do it myself, kind of manly men- we don’t want to admit at the door of the dang Church — “Good morning, how are you?” — I AM NOT DOING GOOD!!!! And I NEED HELP! Nope, we kick out a dandy: “I’m fine, how are you?” (Expecting to hear- “fine.”). My buddy and I have discovered better support and accountability at the local bar, in the gun community even from “Preppers” than at the church. Now, I include my own church not because of some problem – but because of principle. I generalize because our church is not immune. We are guilty. I am guilty. I am the chief of sinners.

“Don’t judge me!!!” Cries the Bible paraphrasing, loop hole seeker. Yes, the Bible says not to judge… AND it does say: as Christians, we ARE to “judge” (hold accountable) our brothers (and sisters) in Christ- we are to help each other walk closer to Christ – “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Always remembering, that- we Can Not hold Non-Christians to a Christian standard.

Join me, the chief of sinners and choose to not “let” your church “make” you lie. Go, and sin no more. Now, I ask you… “How are you?”

Next Sunday when you are greeted by a friendly smile and a “How are you?” Reply honestly. Ask for help and accountability from a Brother in Christ. Let the church be the place known for helpful support. Not a den of “fine”‘s.

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