I’m cold

Our central heat doesn’t work right. It’s ok, we live in Florida and have space heaters (and no we don’t sleep with them on) for really cold nights. I’m not whining for money- we are just choosing to spend it on college at the moment. Being without just puts things in perspective. Our kids have never had the best clothes, etc. in fact, we are so accustom to shopping at GoodWill and yard sales that we about have a heart attack if we go somewhere expensive.. Like Walmart.

I remember stories about my mom’s poverty when she was a child. Her father would trap animals, and then clean them, and the “poor” people that lived behind them would take what he was going to throw away and they would make it into soup. Coming up, I never remember lacking for anything. I am thankful for moms stories.

I pray this minor lack (#firstworldproblem) of not having functional central heat will continue to motivate me to strive to be better prepared in all areas of my life.

Ford F150… Years ago, a study showed that most millionaires drove a Ford F150 daily. Functional, inexpensive, a wise choice. Lord, let me make wise choices and use negatives as fuel for positives in my and my families lives.

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One Response to I’m cold

  1. Young Arthur Smith Jr says:

    Check with Mom, I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that was her family that ate all that. About the only thing they didn’t eat was Muskrat. I remember in the summers with Granddaddy Arthur when I was about Katie’s age. What ever I caught, shot, trapped, etc went into the pot. I don’t think it was due to us not having the means to get things if we needed them, all we would have had to do was call Pa or Grandma and we would have gotten what we needed. I think it was the mentality of people now and then. Now it is I don’t need to worry, I can throw this away(what ever “this” is) and the govt will give me some more and I don’t have to even work to get it. Back then it was a mentality of this is something God has provided, which I had to take the time and effort to gather and if God provided it and I had to put effort into getting it I sure as hell better not waste it.

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