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I would like to begin two articles for Brink of Freedom: Health & Fitness section: ideas:
1. MMA for old farts: Combined training for any age

I remember watching 80-something Professor Wally Jay walk like a little old tourist, until… undignified manly Black Belts yelped out in pain from his subtle but deadly joint locks. I think back to my 9th grade summer spent torturing myself with evil groin stretches and now at 46 I am not only more flexible than I was, I am much more flexible than the average person. You may not categorize yourself as an old fart (even though your kids might) but you may feel like the spring in your step is sprung! The answer is in how you wash the dishes. No, really (sort of).

The dishwasher has “good Kungfu” really means he works hard at washing dishes. Us old farts know all about working hard but we also realize that a simple injury can often reek havoc on our training and goals. I have found that an injury gives me an opportunity to vary my training. As a young Black Belt I learned to depend on the strength and speed of my right foot and right hand in sparring but one day a badly strained ankle forced me to rethink how I fought. I had to train myself to have confidence rely in my left foot and hand. Jack Spirko calls it turning a problem into a solution. By the time my injury healed and had gained confidence in my weak areas and had improved in other areas because of my challenge.

When I first got married my wife and I had a robust conversation about how I wash dishes. I wash dishes with a foot propped up on the counter to stretch. I find ways throughout my daily routine to incorporate training. If you have the time and money to train at an MMA school, great. Just make sure your instructor emphasizes student safety as well as self defense. Whether or not you do, continually incorporate ways to make training a part of your daily routine and keep it fresh with variations. A confident old man with a plan can often overcome a rage filled testosterone young buck.

Find ways to train no matter your age, injury or disability.

2. G.I. Joe with Kungfu Grip: Grip training for self defense and carpel tunnel prevention
3. But when I was five I studied the ancient art of Take-Ur-Dough: self defense and fitness in the commercial world… Post-Mr. Miagi-Do

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