What is a podcast and why do I want one?

About a year ago, I had no idea what a podcast was. I had heard the word but wasn’t really interested; just another internet thingy. Then a friend of mine Brandon Shelton suggested I listen to a podcast, “It’s about survival stuff, but he’s not like one of these crazy TV doomsday prepper’s.”

I listened and really enjoyed it. I occasionally listened. Eventually I started listening every time I did laundry. This habit sparked my love of The Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko. Eventually I realized Jack grew up in my area. This solidified my enjoyment even more. One day my friend Brandon suggested I be interviewed on T.S.P., (The Survival Podcast).

I contacted Jack and eventually I was interviewed. I loved it! My interview: http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/smith-on-martial-arts-and-training-aids

At some point I realized that my weekly “Kungfu Soup” informal martial arts gathering would make a good podcast. While we eat soup (or often sausage and rice) we enjoy serious life discussions, or not so serious… And then we mangle each other. I realized I would love to share this experience with others. Ergo: Kungfu Soup Podcast!

During this time, Jack Spirko suggested some other good podcasts- this opened the door for me to being a podcast junkie!! These other podcasts and TSP have been fantastic guides and inspiration for me starting my own.

After listening to tons of podcasts like mine and lots of “how to’s” and have two steps left to officially get started. 1. A nice mike (not a necessity, just an investment I want to set my standard high and have a goal of making at least enough $ to pay for the mike! 2. Choose my official website name/ branding. Today is Sept 28th… I plan to have it by Thursday Oct 2nd. (In time for the big martial arts semi at this coming weekend.

Update- I bought a different mic. Not a surprise. It is a digital recorder, versatile and still is a good quality mic.
No website yet, but I will be doing some interviews this weekend at a martial arts seminar.

Update: I did not get to do interviews but did interview my youngest daughter. She did great and helped feed the excitement!

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