Green Smothie and Jeff Sanders

After listening to The 5 am Miracle with Jeff Sanders, I followed through on some goals I have. I started drinking smoothies again… Until my schedule changed. I was all Gung-ho until… Life happened. The awesome thing that happened this times was – I didn’t just quit and make some New Years resolution (again) next year, I actually just kept thinking about how much better I felt when I was drinking them regularly and I just kept thinking- “how can I fit this back into my schedule?”

I drank one today. I also ate a Burger Mcdeath Sausage biscuit and had a large coffee. Thing was – I didn’t get to eat lunch today- didn’t eat until about 5pm. And I wasn’t starving.

I stopped judging how much junk I eat and started paying attention to increasing healthy food intake.

Today was, Fresh apple, pineapple, filtered water and Kale with frozen: peaches, cranberries, mixed tropical fruit, black berries and banana with a spoon of Honny liquified in my Vita-mix.

Update: I have kept up with my green smoothies during the weekdays and on Saturdays (I work Saturdays). I continue to slowly add raw/alive healthy things I would not normally eat to my smoothie. Carrots, Kale and Spinach and a variety of fruits I just normally would not eat go in! And yum! I really enjoy it!

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