Podcast paralysis is over!

No, the Kungfu Soup Podcast is not broadcasting yet, and still, I am getting very excited about the rubber meeting the road. We had a financial blessing and after getting a much needed roof, and some dance/music lessons for the kiddos, I bought a microphone (it is a recorder also). That was a big step in the right direction though what excites me most is the website. After all my how-to-podcast research, it seems that the website is what allows people to earn $. And note that they all highly emphasize to not make $ your focus! The key is that I really enjoy teaching, talking and helping people and I know this podcast will be an excellent way to make new friends and unlike my job where I am literally the hands and feet of Christ by feeding the hungry, the podcast will allow my words to, prayerfully, reflect Jesus to a larger audience. I also pray that my family will continue to be involved and find ways to use the skills in their own lives.

“When can I hear the first episode?”

This question has lit a fire under me! Soon my friend, I am laying a strong foundation as we speak. Amen.

Kungfu Soup Podcast
“come get some”

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