Royal Pain, I need C.S. Lewis!

Yup. Hurts different than anything I have known and I have had a descent share of pain in my 30+ years of martial arts. I have a SLAP tear in my shoulder. “It makes ya want to SLAP someone!” I know Mr. Lewis experienced a lot of emotional pain with the death of his wife. I have not read much of those writings and have set it on my todo list.

This injury surpassed my ability to meditate and breath through the pain. It made me question how people in constant pain are able to function in the least. I can’t imagine how my mom or the friends I know with depression and psychological pain successfully function with the appearance of a normal life. Questions I cannot answer.

This is the constant state of my faith: trust God; question God; trust God.

I am drawn closer to Christ through my constant need of His strength and my desire to understand. Faith with wisdom.

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