No Bruce Lee socks

I may never reach the advanced shoe tying techniques of Bruce Lee. I believe I have humbly acquired the sock technique though. Since my surgery for a labrum tear (it is similar to a rotator cuff ) I have had to stop or reduce drastically all my martial arts training. This is very frustrating.

Slow down. re-evaluate. Paradigm shift. Assess my goals. Align to my goals.

Bruce Lee took every opportunity to work training into his every day life. When he would put his shoes on, he would lift one foot and tie the shoe of the foot that was in the air. I have not as of yet reached that skill. For years now though, I have been able to hold one foot in the air and put my sock on that foot. But since my surgery I want to be careful and not accidentally trip and catch myself with my injured arm.

This change in my life has allowed me the opportunity, yes even forced me to look at new ways to improve myself. I’m not sure how quickly I will return to “sock training,” I do know there are new ways to improve myself physically. For now, I bought a few books to read. Always a student.

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