I’d give my right arm…

I am slowly realizing that my entire life has changed. As you may know, while running a large auger/drill type machine I tore the labrum in my shoulder. I am a very glass half full positive kind of person and am just seeing the reality that my right arm will probably never be completely the same again. With my right arm I have painted skillful works of art, drawn lifelike faces, smashed through boards, bricks and cap blocks, I have literally pushed a knee back in joint, massaged a kink out of a 300 lb mans shoulder and caressed a newborns face. What does my future hold?

My left hand and my spirit has accepted the challenge. Become as good or better than my right arm. Then if or rather when my right arm regains its strength, skill and finesse, I will have improved my skills through necessity. Professor Wally Jay said “Pain is a quick teacher.” I have again become the student.

Lord, my prayer is recovery. My biggest prayer is to be inside your will. I am humbled. I am broken. You are the great physician. I literally give my right arm as an offering to your will. Amen.

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