This is not my Obligatory 2015 post

For many years I have made New Year’s resolutions.for almost a year now I have been listening to Jeff Sanders podcast called the 5 AM Miracle, and he suggested people do not do a year-long resolution but to break it into a smaller three-month goal. He even hosted a contest to encourage people to set these goals.I posted a video as part of the contest with my three 3 month goals: to produce a podcast that brings value to people’s lives, to host a food drive to support the ministry I work for and to present our families goal of couch to 5K within three months.I think the shorter timeframe will be much more effective and I will let you know within three months how effective it is! Why not give it a try yourself? Do it now, break your New Year’s resolution down into a three-month step. Write it down, post it on your refrigerator, cut out a picture put on your mirror, write out a detailed project plan. Now. No really, I mean right now.

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