Synapsis and water

“Extend the firing to improve the wiring” this is a quote by Dr. Rick Hanson and he’s the author of the book, Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence. Basically Dr. Hanson is saying that if you sort of meditate on a good experience that it will improve the wiring in your brain, the synapses, that guide your thoughts to memories: whether they’re good memories or bad memories.

When working with people I often use a visual that looks like a bunch of tiny streams after rainfalland then a powerful memory no matter if it is good or bad and guide the smaller streams into that memory. Dr. Hanson is basically saying that if we sort of revel in the experience of a good moment that it can increase the wiring that guides our thoughts to those moments.

That is to say, you can influence what you think about. If you worry a lot, and you can train yourself to think about good experiences. If you are sad you can train yourself to think about happy moments. Your brain is very versatile.

Like a muscle; train your brain.

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