Inversion table with inverted thoughts

This is my first post after getting an inversion table. I am literally typing on my phone upside down! …That was challenging. Okay, I’m using voice command now.

So far, I have been pleased with the results. I listened to Jeff Sanders podcast about inversion and he does not like inversion tables. And actually, for the reasons that he does not like it are the reasons that I am using it. Even though I am athletic and hope to one day get the full benefit of being able to do advanced inverted exercises, I had shoulder surgery a couple months ago and I am limited in some of the things that I can do. I did not want to venture into using inversion boots because I am worried about re-injuring my shoulder.

Update: since using my inversion table my physical therapy has rapidly improved! I was having severe cramps during shoulder stretching but after (very carefully) letting gravity stretch my arm, my range of motion has greatly increased! I have hit another plateau but I think is just a matter of time… Upside down. Yup, Inversion is here to stay! Maybe one day I will graduate to gravity boots. But for now I am very pleased.

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