No special emotions recently. I thought Mothers Day would have been more difficult but thinking about my Wifey and amazing daughters kept me busy. I did seem to avoid reading the long (usually emotional) Mom posts on Facebook. I also took some extra time to call my Dad. Life is a gift that is so brief.  A Chinese proverb says, ” ‘youth’ is wasted on the young.”    There is so much I want to accomplish but don’t find the strength. I struggle between wanting to be driven and focused like my wife and wanting to be mesmerized by the wonder and magic of a row off ants like my 7 year old. I love my three ladies. 

While sitting with Mom at the nursing home I learned to tie Orthodox Prayer knots. I recently showed someone the beautiful knots and realized I had forgotten some of how to do it. In honor of Mom I reviewed and practiced this meditative skill. It brought me shalom and beauty during a difficult time in my life. I love and miss you Mom. 

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