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I have an amazing family! My high school sweetheart Sherry is my strength, my love – she makes me smile. I have two amazing daughters – ten years apart! (Gods sense of humor!). Sherry is organized, logical and driven (for those of you that know me – that’s the opposite of me!) My oldest daughter a mixture of both of us – she is beautiful, driven and creative. Our youngest is confident that she is a real princess. My parents raised me to work hard with good ethics. They thought I would never go to college and were probably surprised when I graduated high school – my dyslexia was a real challenge. Becoming a Christian and becoming a martial artist I believe are the two things that helped me overcome it. I am so thankful to God for the many blessings that have been poured upon me. I pray I can share my experiences as a husband, father, and teacher of children and teens.


No special emotions recently. I thought Mothers Day would have been more difficult but thinking about my Wifey and amazing daughters kept me busy. I did seem to avoid reading the long (usually emotional) Mom posts on Facebook. I also … Continue reading

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Tyrannosaurus rex

My family likes to make fun of the fact that I can’t extend my arm, and that basically I am like a Tyrannosaurus rex – I tried to throw the blanket up on the bed -really funny because I couldn’t … Continue reading

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I’d give my right arm…

I am slowly realizing that my entire life has changed. As you may know, while running a large auger/drill type machine I tore the labrum in my shoulder. I am a very glass half full positive kind of person and … Continue reading

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Royal Pain, I need C.S. Lewis!

Yup. Hurts different than anything I have known and I have had a descent share of pain in my 30+ years of martial arts. I have a SLAP tear in my shoulder. “It makes ya want to SLAP someone!” I … Continue reading

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Sounds of laughter through the tears

My mom passed away August 25th 2014 at 6:30am. My mom lived a quiet long hard life. She did not graduate high school. She has no special awards and almost always held basic booking keeping jobs. From the outsideĀ most people … Continue reading

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I’m cold

Our central heat doesn’t work right. It’s ok, we live in Florida and have space heaters (and no we don’t sleep with them on) for really cold nights. I’m not whining for money- we are just choosing to spend it … Continue reading

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Just plain Rodney

My friend Rodney is celebrating 21 years living in his own apartment and 22 years holding the same job. He is an Orange Belt in karate and won 3rd place in a karate tournament. I am honored to have been … Continue reading

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