Family Life

I am honored to share a little about my life and family with you: I have an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters!  We are a little crazy sometimes, enthusiastic much of the time and we have a heart for God.

I have an amazing family! My high school sweetheart Sherry is my strength, my love – she makes me smile. I have two amazing daughters – ten years apart! (Gods sense of humor!). Sherry is organized, logical and driven (for those of you that know me – that’s the opposite of me!) My oldest daughter a mixture of both of us – she is beautiful, driven and creative. Our youngest is confident that she is a real princess. My parents raised me to work hard with good ethics. They thought I would never go to college and were probably surprised when I graduated high school – my dyslexia was a real challenge. Becoming a Christian and becoming a martial artist I believe are the two things that helped me overcome it. I am so thankful to God for the many blessings that have been poured upon me. I pray I can share my experiences as a husband, father, and teacher of children and teens.


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