Kung Fu Soup

Kung fu soup is just what it says, kung fu and soup! i teach kung fu and my wife makes amazing soup! For over a year every Tuesday night I have held an informal free self-defense class in my home. It is a small informal mixed gathering of Highly skilled martial artists and people with zero experience. Even though The group is focused on self-defense it has become a powerful Social bonding group. It is similar to the free Tai Chi Chuan class I taught at Townhall Park for three years. And I am drawing on my 25 years of experiencewhen i was co-owner of Young’s Karate. After I left for seminary my dad finally closed the commercial school and started teaching at Trinity Baptist around the corner. Over the years I have heard of many transforming and powerful stories from former students. I am honored to have been a part of and to currently be a part of so many lives.



1 Response to Kung Fu Soup

  1. Jesse Peterson says:

    It was my pleasure to meet you the other night when picking up the sewing table. I believe that things happen for a reason and I am thankful for our encounter. After the holidays I would love to come to one of your “Kung-fu soups”. Just let me know when and where and what to bring and I’ll be there. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Jesse Peterson

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