Martial Arts

A little of my history:

I briefly studied martial arts when I was about nine.  My father and I started seriously training in 1981 in Shotokan.  Since then I am ranked in Shotokan, Ryukyu Kempo, Kyusho Certified, Modern Arnis, Chen Taichi Chuan, Dr. Paul Lam Osteoperosis and fall prevention Taichi and always a student.  I am a member of Hogan Karate International.  My dad and I taught at Forest High School for many years and then ran a commercial school, Young’s Karate, for many years after than.  Currently I teach a small group at my home: “Kungfu Soup.”  A casual mixture of martial arts self-defense, etc. and… soup.  My wife cooks! Yum!!!

I have had opportunity to train with some amazing, incredible, internationally recognized (and obscure) martial artists – they have given me the tools I needed.  It is my prayer to pass them on to others.

Black belt is the beginning of learning.  I really like that old school black belts would turn white from wear n tear – back to the beginning.

–Young, (Godan)


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