A short history:

As a child I remember going forward multiple times in the “Just as I am” Baptist Church.  They say I was baptized.  My parents at some point decided there were uncaring sinners that go there and stopped going. In ninth grade, an older “hot chick” invited me to a “party.”  She later confessed it was Bible study… “but we have lots of fun!”  I didn’t need much convincing – the thing is, when I got there – they accepted me like I was family.  I was sold out for Jesus from then on.  (around this same time I started studying Martial Arts)  I attended First Baptist of Orange Park through High School and also started attending a ministry called Fishnet.  It was an outreach of Christian Rock music ministry.  Eventually I ended up at St. Peters Episcopal (the ministry that started Fishnet.)  One day, my wife and I ended up serving God at Murray Hill Theatre Ministries with Tony Nasrallah.  I worked there full time for about 10 years.  Since then I have been attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary seeking my MDiv.  Sherry, the girls and I are now part of the family at Canvas Church in Orange Park with Aaron Manners.  I have worked in ministry for many many years in a variety of capacities.

My theology? “Jesus Christ and him crucified.”  My “life verse”? The whole Bible… narrowly, Genesis 15:17 (ya might want a little explanation on that one, if you bother to look it up).   “But Young, what do you really mean?  What is your theology like?”  Ok, I guess I am very conservative and yet still able to swim comfortably amid Liberal, agnostic, atheistic, pantheistic, etc. – seeing the spark of “namaste” of our one true Triune Creator God in all people.  I am much more Calvinist than I am able to explain why, but not as Calvinist as Calvin’s followers.  I am kind of Baptist-ish in my Evangelism and Anglican-ickly in my love of the high church liturgy.

Able to step on the toes of false Pharisees and ready to have dinner with tax collector and harlot.

In His Grip, While Reaching Out.  That is, in the grip of God’s strong sovereign loving and just hand, while reaching out with the need filling love of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ that brings about God fearing repentance in the hearts of those that hear and believe.  Jesus: Savior and Lord.  Saved from the penalty of sin and He is the Lord over every detail of my life.



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